Trends & Roles Assignment

For this assignment, Caley and I wanted to research more on student entitlement. As college instructors teaching first and second year university classes, we want to learn more about this trending phenomenon. Our interest in this topic comes from the following article: Dear Student; No, I Won’t Change the Grade you Deserve by Stacey Patton published on February 13, 2015.

We wanted to learn more about the trends behind student entitlement, does it exist? Do students’ and faculty have the same perspectives? How can we respond and be better prepared to work with students’ entitlement?

My partner for this project is my amazing Colleague and one of our brilliant faculty members at COTR, the fantastic Caley Ehnes, MA, PhD. If you have not met her, you are missing out. Check out her blog…Caley’s Blog!/

Here are the resources that I chose to share for this assignment. To view some of them you will need to log in to the VCC Library website to gain access. I provided the permalink and the full reference so that you can view outside of the VCC library website.


Ciani, K., Dummers, J. & Easter, M. ( 2008). Gender Differences in Academic Entitlement Among College Students. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 169(4), p. 332-344. Retrieved from

Fullerton, D.S. (2013). What Students Say About Their Own Sense of Entitlement. New Directions For Teaching and Learning (135). p. 31-36. DOI: 10.1002/tl


Holdcroft, B. (2014). Student Incivility, Intimidation and Entitlement in Academia. American Association of University Professors, May-June. Retrieved from

Lippmann, S., Bulanda, R. E., and Wagenaar, T. C. (2009). Student entitlement: Issues and strategies for confronting entitlement in the classroom and beyond. College Teaching, 57 (4), 197–203. Retrieved from:


My Reflections on these Sources and this Assignment…


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