Lesson Planning Component Assignment

Links to Trends & Roles Blog Articles:

Holdcroft, B. (2014). Student Incivility, Intimidation and Entitlement in Academia. American Association of University Professors, May-June.

Ciani, K. Summers, J. & Easter, M. (2008). Gender Differences in Academic Entitlement Among College Students. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 169(4), 332-344

 Lippmann, S., Bulanda, R. E., and Wagenaar, T. C. (2009). Student entitlement: Issues and strategies for confronting entitlement in the classroom and beyond. College Teaching, 57 (4), 197–203.

Fullerton, D.S. (2013). What Students Say About Their Own Sense of Entitlement. New Directions For Teaching and Learning (135). p. 31-36. DOI: 10.1002/tl

Additional Resource by Fullerton:

Fullerton. From entitlement to engagement: affirming Millennial students’ egos in the higher education classroom / Dave S. Knowlton, Kevin Jack Hagopian, editors.

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